Really good way to start the day =)

A few days ago I found out about this cool and funny couple on YouTube – Judy and Benji. She’s a beauty guru and he has a food/tea channel. And they both have a daily vlog channel where they document their daily life. It’s really fun to watch and I’ve been watching some (they have a lot and I’m still starting to watch them) and Benji’s smoothie recipes looks so good that I had to try them.


Today, we woke up a bit later than usual so, it was the perfect time to have a Benji&Judy’s inspired brunch! =)

We made the mango recipe that you can see below on his video, the only difference was that we only used one mango total, because it was a big huge mango! So, no need to use more. I loved how it tasted and it was mango enough for me =) Then, we toasted a few slices of bread and put a poached egg on top of it. We also accompanied it with a bit of the onion-mushroom-curry turkey I made last night and a slice of cheese. And, got to say, the best way to start a day! Oh and the smoothie has spinach! The first one I’ve tried ever, and you can’t taste it, at all!

I’m going to try some more of Benji’s recipes and I will give feedback on them. I really think you should visit their YouTube channels. It’s a really fun mix of topics, and you know me, I love random! =)


Here’s all their info:

Itsjudytime Facebook:

Channel for daily real life vlogs:

Judy’s Twitter:

Benji’s Twitter:

Judy’s Beauty Channel:

Benji’s Food Channel:

Judy’s Blog:



Have a great Saturday!


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