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Welcome to the new website!

Welcome, welcome! I present you the new and improved Something on Everything website! If you’re a follower, you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating my blog as consistently as I have in the past. Actually, since the beginning of 2014, my love for blogging started winding down. After a few blog-soul-searching sessions, I…

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UMAMI Gourmet Food Subscription Box – June Box Review | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

UMAMI Gourmet Food Subscription Box – June Box Review

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the UMAMI June Box. As this is only available in Portugal and it’s filled with Portuguese products I will be writing in Portuguese. I will be labelling the photos in Portuguese and English, so you’ll see which products I got in this box, but the service is quite similar to every subscription…

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{Recipe} Quick and easy: Summer Fruit Salad | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

{Recipe} Quick and easy: Summer Fruit Salad

Today I bring you something really simple, easy and quick to make: Summer Fruit Salad. I put this together in about 5 minutes and while I was quite hungry and in need of a good snack. There is actually no science involved and there is nothing like a healthy, homemade fruit salad. So, for 4…

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I turned 30. Yup. That's right. ;) | by http://www.SomethingOnEveryhting.com

I turned 30. Yup. That’s right. ;)

Hahah funny, right? And so true. LOL I turned 30 last week. Wow. I’m 30. I’m not in my twenties anymore. I’m in my thirties. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any issues with that. But, like I wrote a couple of months back, turning thirty is really weird. Especially when I feel like…

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Homemade Lemon Soaps | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

Homemade Lemon Soaps

 Today I want to share a highly requested DIY: Homemade Lemon Soaps. This is something great for a gift or just to use at home as an eco-friendly alternative to store bought soaps. This is what you’ll need for 8 “muffin” sized (I use muffin tins) soaps: – 1 lb (450g) of soap base (crystal,…

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Photography: Nev's Photo Session! | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

Photography: Nev’s Photo Session!

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted a Photography Edition in a while and I was missing it. I have a great camera, love playing with it and the weather outside is perfect today, so I took it with me while playing outside with Nev. In case you don’t know who Nev is, just hit the search…

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