DIY: Movie Clapper

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

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Hi there!

If you follow my on Instagram, you already know that I built a movie clapper from scratch in the beginning of January. It was used for a special event at my boyfriend’s gym and it was really simple to make (even if it took a while to get to the finished). I made mine out of wood and chalkboard paint.

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

– 30x25cm / 11.8×9.8inch piece of wood
– 5x25cm / 2×9.8inch piece of wood
hand saw
– 2 brass plates to make the hinge
electric drill
bolts and nuts
black chalkboard paint
white paint
sandpaper, paintbrushes, masking tape

First, saw a triangle on the top left of the bigger piece of wood. If you don’t do this, it won’t move.

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

Then, mark the places that you’ll need to open holes.

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

Drill all the holes and paint everything with the black chalkboard paint. I used three coats to make it extra strong and pretty. =)

When it’s completely dry, take care of the hinge, using the nuts and bolts. I chose to paint the hinge black, thought it looked better.

Now it’s time to mark the places to paint white. Draw a line 5cm from the top of the main part. On that line, draw small marks spaced 3cm apart. Do the same thing on the top part of the clapper. Draw diagonal lines, making the pattern shown below (and it’s okay to make mistakes, you’ll paint over it):

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

Carefully paint the white pattern. I went nuts and did it without masking tape and it turned out fine but it could have been a huge mess. I used three coats of white to achieve that look.

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

After it is all completely dry, draw a line – and this is where you can be the most creative – dividing the clapper in as many parts as you want. I drew mine at about half the height and then the smaller line, at half the length. And yet again, no masking tape. Yes, I’m crazy. =)

But it turned out really cool! Right?

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

DIY Movie Clapper | by Something On Everything

I loved making this. It was actually a lot simpler to make than I thought but it took so long! To paint and let dry each and every coat took about 4-5 days… but it turned out really cool and that was what I was hoping for! And it is a fully working clapper. =) It was used in the event and it was a success! =)

Tomorrow I’ll share my other big project for that same event. 😉 Check back!


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