Brave Movie Review

Even though it was released months and months ago, we only saw Brave today. Check out some stills, wallpapers and the trailer for the movie below.






Well, I love animated movies. They remind me of my childhood, when the children’s movies had nothing to do with the ones out today. But still, the stories are similar, all have an educational purpose and they are all very cute and appropriate.

This one takes the visual arts to a whole different level. The graphics are amazing and it would be worth to watch just because of that (Note: if you need to convince someone to see it with you, that is a great way to do it, just talk about all the time it took for the artists at Pixar to develop Merida’s hair; that’s how I did it 😉

The story is quite different from what I was expecting and even at 28 it made me shriek, almost made me cry and certainly made me laugh. The characters are really cute – just look at those triplets! – and they all blended really well to make a nice story with a lot of different elements. The character Young MacGuffin, voice by Kevin McKidd, the one that talks and no one understands, was really funny! He was actually talking in his hometown native language, Doric, and I saw him on TV around the time the movie was released, saying that while he was recording it, he called his Mom several times, as she’s fluent in Doric. Cool, huh?

I loved how this wasn’t the usual happy-terrible event-happy again kind of movie. Well, it kind of was. But you don’t really have those parts as highlighted as in the usual plots. The end is really cool, and for a minute I really thought it wouldn’t work out. But it did. And I loved it.

Also, in the credits, they dedicate the movie to Steve Jobs: “dedicated with love and gratitude to Steve Jobs, our partner, mentor and friend”. And that’s also cool.

The soundtrack is really nice also, I may look into it on iTunes.

Overall, either you’re 8 or 80, this is a movie that I think you’d like to watch. =) Fun, cute and really amazing in the visual arts point of view.

Oh and they also won the Oscar for Animated Feature, so if all the above wasn’t enough to win you over, this should! 😉

Have a great weekend!

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