Beauty Broadcast Community – the best way to be connected to makeup/beauty lovers!

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In case you have no idea of what Beauty Broadcast is, read my blog post from almost a year ago. You’ll understand a bit more of what this beauty family is.

The Beauty Broadcast Community is a new place to share and be connected to fellow beauty and makeup lovers. It was created by Emily Eddington – emilynoel83 (with the help of her husband Tyler) and was officially launched on March 3. It now has more than 1300 members. I’m a proud member. 🙂

Even though this was created by Emily, and has managers, the point of this is that everyone can share their opinion, photos, videos, links as equals. This is not just about Beauty Broadcast, but Beauty itself.

Every member has a page, where you can insert your info (click on the photo to go to my profile).

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After registering and updating your profile, you’re ready to browse and share your thoughts. The community has 4 main sections: Forum, Events, Photos, Videos. Above all this, you have a chat where you can talk to everyone logged in (and it’s so cool to talk to Emily herself!).

The Forum has lots of categories and below you can check out some of them. Both Emily and Tyler are very active in the Forum.

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This is the only beauty community out there. At least that I know of. You really connect to people. I don’t know how many times I got lost in time chatting with people from all around the world.

There are lots and lots of details that I didn’t talk about here, but I can really sum it up by saying that this was a really great idea, works great and I’m glad it’s out there. And to think they did (and still do – it’s a lot of work to manage this for sure!) this for free! Just for our benefit! Amazing.

You may have already noticed in the left column of the blog, this pretty badge of the community. That’s another thing the site allows: to build your badge to put on your own site. =)

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That one is mine! Go register now so you can also have yours! And have fun! In the very least, I can guarantee you’ll learn A LOT! Click here to go to the website!

Thank you Emily for doing this, and thank you Tyler for helping!

See you all on the Community!! Have a great weekend!

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