Afternoon in Lisbon – Part 1 – Lisboa Story Center


A few weeks ago we went on a small sightseeing trip. We’re both Portuguese, living in Lisbon for 10 years, but we haven’t explored as much as we could. So we took one afternoon/evening and went to downtown Lisbon.

This is a two-part post where I’ll try to share a bit of our country’s capital city. It’s posted today and tomorrow mainly because I’ll be sharing A LOT of pictures.

So, let’s start.


View from the tram ride. That’s our Monastery of Jerónimos, at Belém.

And then we went to see a really good exhibit about Lisbon and its history. The exhibit is called Lisboa Story Center and on their website, this is how they describe it (click on the logo to check their website for more info):

“Located in the Terreiro do Paço, this interactive equipment that tells us, from past to present, the major city events. Built on the hills bathed by the river Tejo, and with eyes fixed on the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is a fascinating mosaic of memories, stories and influences that still dot the urban landscape of this unique city The various episodes that make up its history and some of its protagonists are now presented in Lisbon Story Centre, where all who visit the Portuguese capital are invited to make a journey through time and discover the memories of Lisbon, from its founding to the present day. Located in the Terreiro do Paço, this equipment and interactive technology-based account, from past to present, the major city events.

In a playful and interactive, while respecting the historical accuracy, that a city with the past of Lisbon requires and deserves, this interpretation center provides the visitor through the system audio guide, 60 minutes of a journey in time and space, presenting reports and dramatic scenarios faithful at the time. The route of the visit is organized into six core elements: Lisbon: Myths and Realities, which covers the Rio, the Earth, the sea, the sky, mythological beginnings, settlers and conquerors and the City Walls. Here is the core Lisbon: Global City, which features the Cosmopolitan City, the Warehouse of the World.

Beyond The Horizon, Flying Priest, Magnificent City, Death and Politics and the Church. In the section on November 1, 1755, the day of All Saints is tackled Earthquake and ruined city, going to the core of the Vision of Pombal, who presents the Modern City Planning in post-earthquake reconstruction and the City . And finally, the core Palace Square, which is addressed in the Square: Politics and Recreation.

The 1755 earthquake is shown in a theater immersive experience that no one will forget. The visit may be complemented with rising to the 1st floor where the audience can interact with a model representative of the interactive center of Lisbon, which will allow a spatial events previously chosen in the place where it occurred.”

We loved it – I actually saw it twice, had seen it before with friends – and it is a really great way to let visitors understand the history behind Lisbon. Really recommend it. For info on pricing click here.


They really did an amazing job and if you’re in Portugal – or planning a visit – you should really check it out!

Check back tomorrow for part 2, where I’ll show you the breathtaking view from the top of Augusta’s Arch, and an amazing light show. Curious? See you tomorrow!

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