Yesterday was 4th of July. And I wasn’t there.


Yesterday was the Independence Day in the United States. The 236th birthday of America as an independent country.

One day I will be there to celebrate this day with my American family. My sister and brother in law usually watch a movie called 1776. For most non-American readers, this probably isn’t a movie you’ve heard of.

I hadn’t either until we spent a month with them in 2010. Most of the movie takes place in Philadelphia and we saw it after our road trip (we got to see Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC), which made it even more special.

So, what is this movie? IMDb writes that this is “The film version of the Broadway musical comedy of the same name. In the days leading up to July 4, 1776, Continental Congressmen John Adams and Benjamin Franklin coerce Thomas Jefferson into writing the Declaration of Independence as a delaying tactic as they try to persuade the American colonies to support a resolution on independence. As George Washington sends depressing messages describing one military disaster after another, the businessmen, landowners and slave holders in Congress all stand in the way of the Declaration, and a single “nay” vote will forever end the question of independence. Large portions of spoken and sung dialog are taken directly from the letters and memoirs of the actual participants.”

I don’t want to elongate on just a movie, when this is such an important holiday, but this movie helps you understand what happened. And it’s a musical!

And today I woke up to two videos my sister recorded while watching the movie yesterday. =) It was so cool! Loved it! One of them is actually one of my favorite scenes of the movie. =)

If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. It’s long but totally worth it!

Happy birthday America!

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