Yankee Candle


I love candles, oils and whatever can bring amazing fragrances to wherever I am. When I visited the US for the first time, my sister and brother in law introduced me to the most amazing candle company. They had a big bowl of tarts in the living room and they took me to the store so I could buy some.

My, my, the things I could buy there! I’m actually kinda relieved that Yankee Candle hasn’t franchised to Portugal, because I would go bankrupt. I love all their products and most of the scents.


The second time I went there, it was around Christmas so, if you have visited a YC store around holidays, you can imagine how happy I was there. I literally was like a kid in a candy store. But it wasn’t candy =) They had amazing products, candles aside and I wanted to bring them all home. Obviously I didn’t but I bought a lot of votives, tarts, car fresheners, small jars and random products.


I’m almost out of stock right now – which sucks – I only have one votive (Café Au Lait) and 7 tarts, as you can see in the pic. And we also have Vanilla Limes car jars on our cars right now.

If you haven’t visited a store and if you live in the US, go to their website and look for a store near you. And then, go wild! The candles are awesome, last a really long time and the scent is amazing until the end. If you already know this company, they have a lot of sales and free stuff on their website year-round so, have fun!

And also, they are really pretty and great for decoration 😉


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