Yankee Candle Haul! First haul. Wow.

Ok, I totally get it when I hear beauty gurus and everyone that has successful YouTube channels saying that the first videos are a bit nerve wrecking to record.

Today I got a big Yankee Candle package from Yankee Direct (explained in the video) and my immediate thought was – I need to record a haul!


And so I did – before I changed my mind. =)

It’s clear in the video that it’s my first time doing something like this. My voice is trembling, there’s a grammar error (yes, I’m that picky) and I seem to be out of words sometimes. But I had fun, and isn’t it why we make this videos? =)

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Oh, and by the way, I’m a total fan of this eBay shop. You should really check it out if you live in Europe. Great prices, great service! And it’s a Yankee Candle galore!

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