Wrapping Christmas Presents

Wrapping presents is my thing. I love to make the best combination possible for that specific present. Usually I have lots of wrapping papers and ribbons at home so, it’s just a matter of using the imagination and try different things. Check the papers and ribbons I have available this year. (Yes, because I only buy new things when there’s no more combinations possible or if I don’t have enough at home)



When my family spent the holidays at my sister’s in 2009, we had some things that we bought there and had to wrap there. I realized that in America they use a lot of boxes. Even though they’re beautiful, and always a good thing to use with presents, I love doing my own wrapping. Specially because I can choose the paper and then I can make the bow. I normally use tissue ribbons (the ones that have a little wire edging, like the red, gold and pink ones in the image above), because with those you can make statement bows. And I believe the bow makes the present. =)

I also use some factory made ribbons, the kind that you can see in the picture, when I can find some really pretty ones. And those, when we’re opening our gift, on Christmas morning, if they’re good to use again, I keep them. I’m cheap in what comes to bows, because, I don’t know what you think, but I’ve seen the prices rising and rising in the past few years and if we can use a bow more than once, why not?

I also like to put a small card, either with a message or just the name of the person that gave the present and the one receiving it. I bought a huge pack of cards a few years ago, I think it was a pack of 150 cards for 10€ ($13) and I still have about 100. So, it’s good to choose the things you’re gonna buy carefully. If it’s something you’re gonna use, then a big pack it’s probably a good idea.

Well, I have to go wrap some presents now, so, I’ll leave you with a Christmas music that I just saw for the first time. =)
Have a good Saturday!

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