Winter Weather

I just took Nev out for a walk and I started thinking about how strange this winter-y weather is. Officially winter doesn’t start until tomorrow but usually, by now, we had a lot more cold and rain. Not that I’m complaining… But it’s strange.

In November we had one day with lots of rain, sleet and low temperatures, and I even wrote about that.


And then, after that we’ve had some days with low temperatures, other with really low temperatures at night, some rain but not that much…

And today, I went outside with just two thin layers of clothing… and I was fine! And it’s strange! I was even hoping that the low temperatures the weather channels were predicting around these days would give us a bit of snow but now I’m thinking I won’t even have to wear gloves this year. Or that we’re gonna suffer this good weather with a really hard winter… Don’t know. But it’s so strange.

My sister’s town, in the northeastern USA, doesn’t even have snow right now. When we spent Christmas there, we found ourselves in the middle of a huge winter storms, with lots of closed roads and highways and today, two years later, no snow.

This can’t be a good sign, right?

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