Why I’m in favor of spaying and neutering


First of all, while I don’t really understand why, I do know this is a very controversial topic. I’ve had people telling me it’s wrong and it’s actually bad for the animals. I don’t believe in that.

I’m totally in favor of spaying and neutering. If you look carefully, you can even find some places that offer the procedure for free or at a very low price so, cost can’t be an excuse.

Also, if you love your pet, you will do whatever you can to protect him/her from a lot of diseases of the reproductive systems. I know, spayed or neutered pets have other kind of problems, but still, it’s a lot less critical.

When we were looking online to find a dog to adopt, it was absolutely overwhelming the amount of dogs and cats that the animals shelters have. The animal shelter that we went to get Nev, had at the time, more than 500 pets, just in our region. That is … wow. And to imagine that, with time, a lot of them will get euthanized… it’s heartbreaking.

People should really think before getting a pet. If you can’t handle all the things that come with raising a dog or cat, don’t get one! That’s as simple as that! Don’t be selfish and get one, just because you want one. And don’t skip spaying or neutering just because you want kittens or puppies in the house… Breed the animals only if you have space to do it, and means of taking care of them. Don’t do it just because they’re cute.

Also, in our building, we have two other female dogs, older than Nev. None of them were spayed so, they when they’re in heat, we have A LOT of dogs around. Today I was outside with Nev and a huge bully dog attacked her. She had the leash on so, my instant reaction was pulling her away from the dog and he didn’t actually bit her, but it was really close. And he was pretty enraged, as dogs get when there are females in heat around. Seriously! Spay your dogs!! Not only the dogs that come around the building when they’re in heat are dangerous to people, as they are dangerous to other pets!

And I actually talked about this with both owners on several occasions, and they looked at me like I was a crazy person, suggesting something ridiculous. Wow. I’m not the crazy one here.

One of my neighbors’ dog has a brood almost every year. And the owner once had the (word surpressed – not the kind of word I can use here) to tell me she HAD to kill some of the puppies right after they were born, because she couldn’t keep them. And she was the victim??? If I didn’t know that the dog would be placed in an animal shelter, I would have already told on her to the animal protection services. But I really like the dog, and I know she likes being here, even if she’s breeding every year.

So, sorry for the rant-y post. But I had to talk about this.

Oh, and obviously, my dog is spayed. =) Here’s her daily cute =)


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