What to Expect When You’re Expecting Movie Review

Last Friday we watched this movie: What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Watch the trailer below to see what it’s about.


So, this is based on the well-known novel/guide to pregnancy. I have never read it, just browsed a bit when I was working with babies. Having that said, I think they did a great job showing the good and bad of pregnancy.

It’s a soft comedy with some unexpected moments that will probably make you tear up a bit. But, it’s a really funny look at all the symptoms and everything related to those 40 weeks.

Note to the women out there that want to see this and the men in your life don’t. If you don’t see it with girlfriends, this might be of use. My bf didn’t want to see it, so I made a deal. Friday we would watch this movie, and Saturday we would watch The Avengers. =) That’s how I got to see it. He liked the movie, but sure wasn’t his favorite eheh It’s definitely a “chick” movie. (Buuuuuut, we had technical difficulties and couldn’t watch The Avengers so, I’ll have to make it right next Friday 😉 )

Overall, it’s a good movie, that I think you should watch. Probably don’t watch it if pregnant. If you are, you don’t need the extra worries shown.

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