What I’ve learned from watching Beauty Broadcast’s 717 videos =)

You may or may not know that I challenged myself to watch all of Emily Eddington’s videos on her Beauty Broadcast YouTube Channel. =) It all started with these tweets:


And then, as Emily retweeted my tweet, I got these really cool support tweets from her followers:


I watched the videos in A LOT of different situations. =)

And now, a little over a month, I want to share my thoughts on this experience with all of you. I really think that if you’re a newbie to Emily’s channel, you should read this.

I thought I did okay with my makeup before all this. I was able to put on eyeshadow in a okay-kind of way, put some mascara and even could put on some eyeliner without much trouble. I owe this to watching my mom and my sister throughout the years.

And then, I started watching the videos of a girl, just a few months older than me, and my mind kept screaming: “YOU KNOW NOTHING!” And this is really the reason I started the challenge. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m kinda in a “reinventing” stage of my life, and learning all these beauty basics was perfect. I grabbed my iPad and started watching them.

I kept a list of favorites, questions, facts and all that, close to me at all times. I hit the “like” button on all 717, mainly because I did like them, and also to keep track of what I had watched. The absolute favorites, the ones I know I’ll keep going back to, were added to my favorites list on YouTube.

But really, and this is why I’m writing this post, I learned so much! I knew so little about makeup and beauty overall, that you wouldn’t believe if I told you. So, here’s my favorite things of Beauty Broadcast!


Favorite Tips on beauty/make up:

– concealer always needs to be skin toned
– hot rollers do make nice curls
– covering a ponytail with own hair is easy
– hair buns are easy and cute
– hairspray and teasing can be cool and not just for older woman (my kind of conception before this, silly me)
– if you pluck your eyebrows daily, it’s easier to maintain
– the smokey eye has changed, for better (photo on the left, Emily’s Soft and Smokey)
– leave-in conditioners really help to manage your hair
– the outer V is the best easy technique to use on eyes
– Olay daily facials at night help a lot with your skin
– don’t sleep on your stomach, as it will help to cause wrinkles (by Kelly)
– water mists help make up look more natural
– when applying foundation with sponge, spritz the sponge with water before application
– for brighter eyes: use lighter shade close to eye and use white or cream eyeliner on waterline
– blue undertones on lip gloss and lip sticks make teeth look whiter
– don’t be afraid to try cheaper products (the so called drugstore products)

Favorite Series:

– Building Your Collection
– Shopping List Ideas
– Em’s World
– Gameday Makeup Tutorials
– Question of the Week
– Emily Awards
– Cupcake Cam
– 2 in 1 Tutorials
– Hair Tutorials
– Twitter and Facebook Talk
– Makeup Must Haves

Favorite Fun Moments:

– whenever Emily’s Mother, Sister or Husband show up, those seem to always be fun videos to watch (and learn things too)
– the intro to Emily Awards 2010 with Cupcake and Tyler
Tyler doing Emily’s makeup, the faces and sounds Emily makes are hilarious!
– Em’s World videos, as they show a different side of Emily’s World
– the Em’s World 18: College Days. They show the college campus and a bit of their life when they were in college and it’s so sweet and fun to watch

To all the people that will start following Emily’s channel, I have some tips. If you want (and can) watch all the videos. Watching the progression from the first video (ELF brush review) to the most recent one (Smoldering Plum Eye Tutorial) will ease you into the makeup world. It’s like you’re learning alongside Emily. Also, keep in mind that if you’re looking for a specific colored tutorial, you can always browse the videos. Or even if you’re looking for a specific technique or product, just hit the search button. You’ll find a lot of great videos, I’m sure!

There were a lot of cool things among the 717 videos and I want to point out two of them:
– When Emily and Tyler were moving from the old apartment to their house, Emily was in the middle of a Look Giveaway. She did three looks for three winners, and the first one was filmed in the apartment, while the other two were already filmed in the Beauty Broadcast room in the new house. =)
– You can see a lot of Emily’s current favorites and Emily Award winners, being introduced in older Shopping Ideas and Hauls videos. That’s so cool! It’s like you’re thinking: Oh, you don’t know this yet, 2008 Emily, but you’ll love this product!” eheh I’m a nerd, yes, I am. =)

Overall, I wanted all of you to know this YouTube channel and Emily Eddington. She’s such an inspirational person and you’ll learn A LOT from her. And I’m not talking only of beauty and makeup related things. She’ll teach you a lot about life also. Makeup is not as futile as a person could think. Makeup is empowering and helps you achieve great things, and do great things for others also. I have, and it’s the best feeling. Believe me.

So, Emily, thank you so much for doing these videos, for sharing parts of your life, and taking so much time to keep in touch with your subscribers. We really appreciate that. =)

Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

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