What I’ve been up to while I was away from the blog (Sorry about that)

So, first of all, sorry for my absence and for not posting every day since March 23. I have kind of good reasons for being away.

On March 23rd, my boyfriend wrestled in the Regional Wrestling Championship. He is the current National Wrestling Champion in his category (at least until the next National Championship, on April 6) and I always try to be there to support him. It was going well, even though he hasn’t had as much time to practice in the past few months as he had before, and he won the first match. Then, in the end of the first part of the second match, he injured his neck. It was probably one of the scariest moments in his wrestling career, and he had to¬†forfeit. He is fine now and ready to go to the Nationals, but still, it was scary. Take a look at some pics from that day:







The next few days were busy trying to put everything together for our Easter holiday trips. Part of a day was spent making those marbled multicolored salted caramel macarons you can see in the photo below. They were so good!


On Wednesday, March 27, I drove with Nev to my parents house in Algarve to spend two days with them and leave Nev at their care for a couple of weeks. Nev hates the harness and in the photo below you can see that for yourself eheh I spent less than 48 hours there but it was fun. I got to help my parents, have some of my grandma’s best meals, do some shopping (check out the makeup haul below – posts to come) and the weather was actually not that bad. I also took a lot of Instagrams.¬†Check out pics below of those 48 hours there.






This is my hometown and it seemed to me that people are feeling sad and blue overall, which is awful. Not the way to go at all. I got some surprised looks on Wednesday with my red lips and dress, and on Thrusday with my braided pigtails and pink lips. Really seemed they were looking at a ghost. Well, color always seems to help improve my mood and I hope at least they brightened someone’s day. =)


One of the best parts was seeing my father’s book selling in a store display. Proud moment. =)


On Friday I drove 300kms (190miles) back home, had lunch with my boyfriend and then we drove to his hometown. We tried a different route due to the high toll prices… and it was a huge fail. It took us almost 2 more hours and 60 more kms (40miles). A total of 380 miles that day for me. Tired I was. Yes. =) We spent the next two days connecting with family, friends and doing fun things. The weather was really good for one day, the rest was miserable rainy. I brought traditional sweets from Algarve (in special Easter shapes) and a chocolate cake and they were really good. Easter is not a great time for diets. Nope. It was really fun, went by really fast and we got to do something I love: playing pool! I’m not the best player, but for some reason I love it! And we spent one hour and a half playing =)



On Sunday we drove back home really late in the night and on Monday as I stepped outside of my house to run some errands, I was hit by my allergies and I’ve been taking meds to help, but it hit me hard.

So, as I’m writing this, I have my glass of orange juice (I brought 20kgs/45lbs of the best oranges in the world – from Algarve), my stack of tissues and my nose is running, I’m sneezing the whole day and my whole head feels numb. Fun, right?

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully return to my daily posts and this week I’ll upload a new video to my YouTube channel.

Hope you had a fun Easter!

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