{Weekly Movie Review} The Colony

movie review the colony

I had no idea of what to expect from this movie except that it would be a bit scary. Well, it’s not just a bit. It’s a lot scary. And the kind of psychological suspense… not my kind of movie, especially when I wanted to just watch a comedy {it wasn’t my turn to pick the movie}.

With that said, I actually enjoyed it.

I knew it had Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, and I even know Charlotte Sullivan from her previous work, but I had no idea who Kevin Zegers – who plays the main character, Sam – was. I now know that he is actually quite known, as he played a recurring role on Gossip Girl. I watched about 3 1/2 episodes of Gossip Girl, so… sorry, but I didn’t know who he is. He did a great job in this movie, though.

The story is nice, but it’s not self-explanatory, which makes me believe there will be some sort of sequel. You know that sentence that Laurence Fishburne says in the trailer “It’s the hunger. It just drove them mad.”? Well, they’re not just mad, they have some sort of superhero strength. But, it’s okay. The plot doesn’t have to be bulletproof. Wait. Yes, yes it does. At least in my book.

Oh well. I’m not sorry I saw it. Wasn’t my favorite. But it does have great imaging and special effects. If you like to watch borderline fantasy movies, go for it. Or if you don’t have anything else to see. Or if you’re a die-hard fan of any of the actors. =)

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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