{Weekly Movie Review} Gravity

movie review gravity

I first heard of Gravity on CNN. It had been released on the previous day and both Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan interviewed former astronauts on their shows, trying to understand if it was accurate or not.

Even the interviews with space engineers “mocking” the storyline made me want to see it. But overall, the reviews were amazing. Not that I base my movie watch list on reviews. But good reviews can’t hurt, right?

We finally got to see it and it really is amazing.

First of all, the visual effects and the whole setting, with those beautiful images of our planet, were amazing. At least to my eyes, the whole “actors filming on a set and then merging it with computer generated images” thing, was perfect. Flawless.

Second, I spent the whole movie jumping on my seat, holding my breath, grasping my boyfriend’s arm. The way Gravity was put together was scarily realistic.

Third, if I was watching it at home, I would have spent the entire time screaming at Sandra Bullock. Her life is in jeopardy for almost the whole movie, but she takes her sweet time doing whatever she needs to do to survive. Obviously, when we’re hanging on a small grip to the outside of a craft, on gravity zero, with debris on the horizon, the one thing we need to do before – I don’t know – saving our life, is to take one last look at Earth. Sure.

Overall, this is one hell of a movie. Who knew that just two {three for the first 10 minutes} actors could make such a great movie? =)

Let me know your thoughts on this movie in the comments below. =)


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