W7 Celebrity Secrets Eye Palette Review

In the beginning of January, I bought this W7 Celebrity Secrets Eye Palette as an add-on to an order on Amazon.co.uk. I didn’t know this brand, but the palette was really intriguing. And it was incredibly cheap, so I decided to try it.



I got and I was actually surprised. The palette is made of a lightweight cardboard and has a magnetic lock.

It opens like a book and on the left we can see a 4-step instruction guide called Style Look.

It’s not really great and the eye photos there don’t match the shadows. But it’s okay. I wasn’t going to follow them anyway.

On the right side, we have 4 numbered shadows and two sponge tip applicators. I hate sponge tip applicators, so I haven’t even tried to take them out of the packaging



The colors are pretty, specially that third one. They’re not highly pigmented and the first two are a bit too sheer for what I was hoping for, but they’re fine. They’re something that can be worked into a makeup look.


This was the best way to actually show you some swatches. See the pretty glitter on the shades in the middle?


Well, I used these eye shadows some times before being able to write this palette. This was one of the looks I came up with.


I used an e.l.f. contouring brush – one of my current favorites – to apply all the shades (yes, I tend to stick to just one brush and this is perfect for my eyes) and then used an Oriflame mascara (Wonder Lash in black, also my favorite).



Even though they’re not as easy to use and blend as other eye shadows that I’ve used – like the Urban Decay or even Oriflame’s – they’re not too bad. Specially for the price they cost. Also, these are colors that everyone should have in their collection and I’m sure that I’ll use this palette a lot. And, as lightweight as it is, it’s great for travel is you’re going somewhere that doesn’t require an elaborate makeup look. My favorite eye shadow is number 3 – that pretty brown with gold glitter really shows up nicely on the lids.




Oh and this was a quite demure look. I’ve done a darker look also, and it looks great – even though it takes a lot of that black to darken it.

Overall, I like it, and I like how the looks I’ve done with it have turned out. And at 2.2g each shadow (0.08oz), they will last for a while.


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