UP by Jawbone Review

So, I got a late Christmas gift a week ago (it was actually in the package my sister sent from the US that almost disappeared) and I have to share it with you. I’m doing this only a week later so I can do a better review.

What is it? UP by Jawbone. Satisfied? Probably not, right?

What is UP by Jawbone then? I’m gonna use their own words, from their website, to describe it.

“UP™ by Jawbone® is the combination of a wristband and iPhone® app that tracks your activity and sleep and inspires you to move more, sleep better and eat smarter.”

It looks like the image below and mine is black. =)


I first found out about this on Facebook. A friend of mine shared their link and as soon as I read the description and the possibilities with that, I knew I would someday try it. I told “Santa” I wanted it but Santa didn’t give it to me on Christmas so, I put it on my wishlist, waiting for a chance to buy it for me. When I got it last week, it was so awesome! I immediately went online to register it and start using it and I have been using it 24/7 since Jan 12th, 11.15pm. =)

It tracks our activity, our sleeping patterns and our meals, and even has lots of different challenges that you can join so you make it more fun =)


For more information on it, just go to the website and you have lots of info and videos to explain it.

The downside to me is the price. It is pricey and I would have taken a lot of time to get it on my own but I can tell you it’s worth it.

Even if you’re not trying to lose some weight like me, it’s really good to use as a reminder to be more active. It has an alarm – an activity reminder – and it makes the wristband vibrate if you’re not active for the amount of time you set (between 9am and 5pm). For example, my activity reminder is at 45 minutes, so if I spend 45 minutes sitting or resting or whatever, the wristband vibrates and reminds me to get on my feet and move! =) And it also has a smart alarm working with your sleeping patterns, making your wristband vibrate to wake you up in the best time possible (up to the time you actually want to be up).



To sum up, I think it’s awesome and a good investment and I love mine. But be aware, it only works with iPhone so, if you don’t have one, you can’t have UP. =) The picture below is from one of my best days this past week. =) Proud, proud. It makes you feel good to see that you’re achieving your goals, and lets you know when you’re not. Best health pal I know 😉


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