How to revamp your home right now + first UncommonGoods unboxing!

Welcome to my first UncommonGoods unboxing! 😉

Well, this is not just an unboxing*. It’s so much more.

I work at a school, so I get August off. Yes, lucky, I know. 😉 We all need a break, right? My work and daily schedule is quite crazy so I tend to not do many home improvements around the house, during the school year. That usually leads me to having dozens of things on my August to-do list.

We live in an old and small apartment, that probably needed a full-on work done. Seriously, if we were able to do it, we’d want to redo every single room. But it’s way too expensive and we chose to only do smaller, more manageable projects.

This is what I usually do on my first week off. Disclaimer: we don’t go away on holidays often, my boyfriend does not have the same time off as I do, so we more than often stay at home, which is fine for me. I’m a homebody.

→ Go around the house and check what needs to be done. Grab a notepad and write everything out, room by room.

→ Prioritize rooms, if necessary. This year we’re prioritizing our bedroom.

→ Make a list of – at most – 10 small projects for the entire month. I’m on holidays, don’t need to be working from sunrise to sunset on the house!

→ Try to pair projects that will use either the same tools or that will take you similar blocks of time.

→ Make a list of everything needed for the projects. Buy whatever is necessary.

→ Plan time slots for every project or bundle of projects.

→ Go around the house a second time, this time check for decoration/organization issues. We don’t buy a lot of things for the house right now, but we do invest in some needs items, especially if they come in handy to organize stuff! We live in a small apartment, that’s a must!

→ Browse online for decorative or organization items. If needed, browse Pinterest. I only go to Pinterest when I already have a somewhat clear idea of what I want to do. If I don’t, the millions of projects will make me want to do more than I can/should, and that’s a no-no during my Summer break. Buy whatever is needed and fits the budget.


This seems more work than it really is. I’m not crazy, I prefer doing this when I have time, and I’m certainly not doing this the entire month off! But I do feel it’s important to make time to revamp your home often. Not only you get a more organized and prettier home, but you also get somewhat of a “reset” of your living space. And changing things up a bit is proven to help with a lot of things (e.g. creativity, relaxation, focus, etc).

Enter UncommonGoods.

Why did I pair a revamping the house post with an unboxing from this company? Well, it should be obvious by now.

I live in Portugal and, as much as we do have great decor companies here, I tend to prefer browsing American websites. One of the companies that I usually browse for inspiration is UncommonGoods.

I found out about them a couple of years ago, while searching for a great gift to give my sister for her birthday. Found them through a post or Instagram photo or something like that, and I immediately loved the quirkiness of some of their items. I had never heard about them before and tried to learn a bit more about them.

Online purchasing tip: always try to find the most you can about a company that you’re thinking about purchasing something from. Typically, sketchy companies won’t have much (if any) information about them.

I was pleased to find out that not only they had different items – I mean, I already imagined that from their name 😛 – but were actually trying to make a positive impact in the world, by choosing sustainability as their core focus, and carrying handmade items, from artists to small manufacturers. I mean, I try to shop local at home, and support local farmers/producers, so this is something that resonated with me.

Over the years, I bought several things from them to give my sister and brother in law. They do have the best ideas for birthday and anniversary gifts, really. I got them some bar glasses, candles, pieces of jewelry and they loved it! Seriously, if you’re looking for gifts for a birthday that is coming up, check their choices. I actually think that I bought the bar glasses as an anniversary gift for them, years ago. They don’t have the ones I got anymore but you can check out some different ones on their website.

So, they contacted me and I chose three things. One for organization purposes, one for decoration (useful decoration, but still) and one for my day to day needs. I was so happy the day the package arrived that I filmed a quick unboxing. Check it out below.


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1. Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

I had been eyeing something like this for a while and it was so needed in our kitchen. It’s so well done, quite heavy and seems to be easy to clean. It came with a cool note about the makers – Heather and Myles Geyman – and you can even learn a bit more (and see more items from them) on the website. By the way, click the image to go to the product page for more info. 😉


2. Twist Decanter

Yes!! This is so beautiful! I love wine, love having a glass or two and we usually have a few bottles of our favorite wines at home. I always wanted to have a cool piece like this and when I saw it, I fell in love! See? Useful but decorative also! 😉


3. Magnetic Mounting Iphone Case + car and wall mounts

I’m a full-on iPhone addict. I admit it, I have my phone with me at all times and, again, this was something that I was trying to find for a while. Tried several different cases and mounts and I have to say that this is the best so far. It may seem a bit fragile at first, especially if you’re used to a bulkier protective case, but it’s quite good. I have to say that my phone has fallen a few times with this case on – not on purpose, I promise! – and it worked fine. Protected where it needed to protect.

Not to say that it’s bulletproof, don’t start dropping the phone from buildings with this case, it will not work for sure! 😛 I placed the wall mount on my kitchen cabinet, and I love how easy it makes to see youtube videos or hear podcasts or audiobooks while I’m cooking. And I cook a lot. Great product overall, I’ll try to find a second wall mount for a second location at my house.


Seriously, what’s not to love? These items are so cool and look great at my house. I even have a couple more things on my wishlist that I’ll casually send to Santa. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. The only negative I can find about this shop is that, even though they ship internationally, not every item is available to ship outside the US. And obviously, a lot of my wishlist content is not available to ship to Portugal. But it’s fine. I’m sure the selection will broaden with time. We’re patient, right?


Well, hope you enjoyed reading this really long post. It felt really good to write it and share these new items and my revamp process with you.

Have a great week!!


*Disclosure: UncommonGoods sent me the items to review and write a post, but – as usual – I had full editorial liberty to write as I pleased and obviously all the written opinions are my own. If you read the post, you’ll understand that this is a company that I had purchased from before several times, and that I love.



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