Two simple ideas: one is a dessert, the other is beauty related. =)


My birthday cake had strawberries and I’m really into healthy, basic, fruit-y desserts lately. Yesterday I came up with a really simple way to make a super easy and healthy dessert. You just need strawberries and greek yogurt.

Prior to serving it, slice and dice some strawberries and just let them sauce up a bit. Then, take a pretty dessert glass or cup and put the ingredients in layers. Strawberries on the bottom, 2 or 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt and then top with some slices of strawberries.

It’s a really simple but healthy way to eat something that’s gonna be satisfying to you, both in the taste and visual senses. =)


The other idea I want to share is beauty related. I use these cotton disks a lot and I hate the plastic packaging. You either take more disks than you need or some of them just fall off the packaging. And they’re in constant contact with the air, which, in a bathroom, can be quite humid.

So, last week I finished my Crystal Light Lemonade and Pink Lemonade, and I kept the tubes, mainly because I thought they could be of use. And yesterday I did put them to use. =)


They’re now my cotton disks tubes eheh It becomes really easy to use, you just take the amount of disks you want, and they’re not in contact with the surrounding air. I’m probably gonna decorate the tubes – and I’ll keep you posted on that – but today I just wanted to share this quick tip! =)

So, have a nice Saturday and if you have any quick tips like this, feel free to share in the comment section below! =)

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