Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part I – World Premiere

So, as I posted earlier, I won tickets for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part I. We went to see it at midnight yesterday and it was just awesome!
I’m not gonna comment on a lot, because it just opens worldwide on theaters today and a lot of people haven’t seen it yet so I don’t want to spoil it. But I have to say one thing: it’s the best yet.

I think it was a good choice to change director and special effects team, the final result is awesome! The whole movie has little things that make you scream inside “That was sooooo awesome!”. And if you’re a Twihard, as supposedly Twilight fans are called, you will love it. The worst part is when you know the movie is coming to an end, at the birthing scene, and you’re realizing that you’ll have to wait a full year for the second part.

My favorite favorite favorite scenes were probably the birthing and transformation. They made it so clean and smart, it was just as I imagined it. And for those who haven’t read the books, it’s all there! You’ll get it. And that’s awesome. Sometimes when you’re watching a movie based on a book series, there’s a lot they don’t show and you get a little confused, but it doesn’t happen with this one. There were some new characters, that weren’t mentioned in the books, but I know that Stephenie Meyer was a part of the creation of those characters, so I’m excited to see what part will they have in Breaking Dawn Part II.

After those scenes, I obviously loved the wedding and honeymoon ones. That’s probably a cliché but I don’t care. It was awesome. And one day, when I get married, I’m gonna hire Alice to plan it. And Bella’s shoes! Oh my God, Bella shoes… And the dress! Oh well, I could write all day long about a lot of details in the movie but I won’t. Instead I’m gonna advise you to go and see it! It’s so worth the wait! =)

Gonna leave you with a gallery of images from Breaking Dawn’s official website.
Leave in the comments section what you thought about the movie.

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