TV News in Portugal.


I haven’t been home much during the day for the past couple of days so, I haven’t heard a lot of news.

You probably know already that Portugal is going through a rough time, due to severe economic trouble, and that we asked for financial help last year. Since then, we’ve had elections and a lot of new laws and changes.

Still, it seems like we only get to hear bad news! The Portuguese people needs to hear about the great things that (always happened and still do) happen in our country or outside of it. We have so many great ambassadors representing us in other countries – scientists, actors, producers, musicians, athletes and so on – and we should hear more about their feats!

Today I turned the TV on while the night newscast was on. The first 40 minutes was spent with news of more debt (and people reacting to it), crimes, the increase of gas, food, electricity and water prices and went on to show what terrible things are happening outside Portugal. Then it went for 10 minutes of commercials and when it came back, they spent 20 minutes discussing the new athletes that our 3 biggest soccer clubs are buying this season.

I really think this is not how a newscast should be done right now. We need to inspire people, not only to do something, but to be better! We should be showing them ways of enjoying these sunny days outside with family or friends instead of showing in 20 different ways how our politicians suck. Seriously. GET IT TOGETHER! Stop harassing and inciting people to make a revolution and start strikes and things like that! Because, that does seem to be what TV producers want right now. Because people saying they want better jobs, or better salaries, or that the government should resign does give good audience. That’s what the people want to hear right now. And that is a typical trait of the Portuguese people: we want to complain. And if we have someone that agrees with us while we’re complaining, the better!

But we really should be showing ways of helping Portugal’s situation. Ways of reminding the Portuguese people that we are a nation of fighters.

But no. We’re giving up and focusing on the bad things. So, I think that for the next days – how many, don’t know – I won’t be watching the news on TV. I’ll just read some articles online. They tend to be better.

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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