Today is a special day. =)

Today is a special day. =)


We’re attending my boyfriend’s brother wedding! It is always cool to go to weddings. But when it’s family, it’s so much cooler!

We’re actually “on location” at their hometown Fundão. All is getting prepared and a lot of traditions are being respected. For example, you have the tradition of having family and friends at the groom and bride’s homes before going to church or the wedding venue. So, the homes have to be ready for a lot of guests and food has to be prepared. Also, another tradition is to get everyone together again tomorrow, for a day-long lunch with the food leftovers from the wedding reception. Cool, huh?

Francisco and Catarina: I wish you a world of happiness and every wish fulfilled!

Tomorrow I’ll write a “random” post and probably will share some pics from today. Have a good day!

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