Tiramisu Cupcakes and Birthday Celebrations!

tiramisucupcakes29birthday1Hi everyone! I’m sure that you know by now that I turned 29 on June 5. And yesterday I had my little gathering with some of my closest friends to celebrate it.

Last year I made a Summer-y fruit cake, very light and fresh, but this year we’re having an almost Winter-y like weather, so I wasn’t feeling it. So I turned to one of my favorite food blogs: A Cup of Mascarpone. I knew I wanted cupcakes to show off my new cupcake stand, so I searched for cupcake recipes. And I love tiramisu, so these were the chosen ones – tiramisu cupcakes with mascarpone frosting.

I won’t post the recipe here, as I believe Carol really has a great post on that, but I’ll tell you the only thing I did different. I couldn’t find Marsala wine. Apparently that isn’t common in Portugal {shocker}

So I browsed online and found that a good replacement would be Port Wine, and that’s what I used. The rest of the recipe is exactly the same as Carol describes.

And they turned out so good! These are amazing, specially if you already love Tiramisu. Or coffee. Or things made with mascarpone. Aren’t they cute? =)


tiramisucupcakes29birthday4tiramisucupcakes29birthday2Oh yes and there were candles. 😉 (and the recipe yield 22 cupcakes because my cupcakes tins are tiny)

Thanks Carol for all your hard work on your blog and for sharing such great recipes with us!

We had lots of fun and spent the afternoon just hanging out, talking, playing board games, watching TV… I had the best time!

Check out some photos of the day/afternoon/evening =) And have a wonderful week!

Oh and I’m sharing this post on House of Rose’s Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop #15 =) You should check it out!


(seriously, how well do they know me?! looooved it!) 


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