The US is not watching the Olympic events live.


So, this is something that puzzles me. In Portugal, we’ve always – always – had live broadcasts of all the Olympics events. Even when they were in the craziest time zones. I remember talking about getting up in the middle of the night to watch some event that I really wanted to watch live. You have to know that’s how it works.

The Olympics is a global event. It makes sense that every 4 years the time zone is a different one. Eventually everyone will have live broadcasts on their own timezone. And even then, it’s a choice. If you’re working, chances are you’re not gonna be able to watch that event at 2pm. But if you really want to watch it, you take measures not to hear about the result, and maybe tape the event so you can watch it when you get home.

If you read my blog a couple of months ago, I posted about a video NBC made to advertise the Olympics broadcast. I said that by then we didn’t even know which athletes we had in the Olympics and highly praised the US for such great support of their team. So, I now almost want to take it back.

NBC is actually broadcasting the events, sometimes 12 hours after they occurred. This also happened with the Opening Ceremony. And this is completely unacceptable to me. I would be mad also if I lived in the States and was leaning on the NBC broadcast to watch my favorite sports and athletes.

I found this beautifully written blog post, that kind of explains and gives perspective of the reason NBC did this. Even though I understand the reasons, it is still unacceptable. NBC is taking the freedom of choice from their audience. And this is sad, because the US team is having amazing – AMAZING – performances in several sports, and their biggest supporters – the American People – is not able to watch them live. That’s awful.

I’m at home, as you may know. I’m not working right now. And my TV is always on one of the 4 channels we have that are constantly broadcasting live events. This is how I like to watch it. LIVE. If I know about the results before I watch it, in 90% of the times, I won’t go back and watch it. But that’s just me. And probably millions of others.

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