The Making of the Rainbow Cake

Finally, the day came. =) As I mentioned before, yesterday and the day before I made a rainbow cake. Not only 7 layers inside, but covered in a rainbow-y M&M’s decoration. =)

I made the cakes on Friday, and it took me a while to make all the 7 layers, because I had to use the same pan and I only had one.

To make the cake, I used a great family recipe. For a round 26cm cake (10inch) you’ll need:
– 250g of sugar
– 250g of all-purpose flour
– 125g of butter
– 8 egg whites
– 1 small glass of Port Wine

Just beat the sugar, softened butter, port wine and flour together and then add the stiff egg whites, without over beating.


To make the 7 layers – as one recipe yield 2 of the layers – I had to make 3 and half recipes. The photo above shows the amount of egg I used eheh. I chose to make them one at a time, as it would be easier to divide and add the food coloring. I used food coloring from Shur Fine (the package comes with red, blue, yellow and green) and made the orange and violet by mixing them up.

The layers got to cool down overnight and on Saturday morning I began to prepare what I need for the decoration part. And I what I needed was a big batch of whipped cream and 3 packets of M&M’s. I had two of regular M&M’s and one of peanut M&M’s.

And then, all I needed was patience. Starting with the violet one, I used the whipped cream as the filling between every layer up to the red one. And then, I frosted all the layers to have a way of gluing the M&M’s. And the pattern is really the one you prefer. I went with this wavy kind of pattern. =) It took me about 1 hour and a half to finish it. =)


And here it is. The finished result. =)
By the time I finished baking the cakes, I knew the recipe by heart. 😛 And let me tell you, it’s some work to do a cake like this, but it’s totally worth it! =) It made people happy, and if we’re not here to spread happiness, what are we here to do? =)

Anyways, if you make a cake like this, please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful week! =)
(oh, and Portugal is in the semi finals of the European Championship eheh)


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