The Impossible Movie Review

On a roll to try and watch all the movies before Sunday – Oscars night – we watched The Impossible.


I still remember waking up on December 26th, 2004, turning the TV on and watching those devastating images of the waves of the tsunami…and those first┬ácasualty┬ánumbers… Unbelievably high and still, so far from the estimated final numbers – over 230.000 deaths. I still remember the weeks after that, when we watched dozens of stories just like the one told on this movie… and so many others that didn’t end up like this one.

It was a horrible, unimaginable, historic moment of Nature, that still today, more than 8 years later – and without being directly affected by it – reminds me of how fragile the human life is.

I cried about 70% of the two hours of the movie. Not only for the story itself, but because the performances, the editing, the directing and all that contributed to the making of the movie, managed to make something that seemed so real it made me stop breathing. It’s easier when we’re watching fiction – we know that didn’t happen – but when it’s something that did happen… and something so well made… wow. Just wow.

There were several moments during the movie that we just stopped breathing, looked at each other and couldn’t even say anything.

It’s definitely the most powerful two hours I’ve watched. Probably ever. And I know I said something close to this on the Flight Review, but after watching The Impossible I can say that THIS felt real. I don’t understand how they filmed some parts, but they did an amazing job. AMAZING.

Now, and this is something that surprises me. They only got 1 Oscar nomination. For Best Leading Actress. Don’t get me wrong, Naomi Watts does an unbelievable good job. But how weren’t they nominated for other categories? How? Cinematography, Editing, Directing, Production Design, Visual Effects? And the incredibly real-looking injuries they sported throughout most of the movie?? I don’t get it. I didn’t agree with some of the picks before, and now even more. But I’ll talk more about that on Sunday, when I write my Oscar picks post.

If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it. I don’t think that you should watch it if you’re a survivor, but maybe if you have a loved one that went through this, watching the movie may help you understand the whole situation a bit.

Have a great day.


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