The impact of Superstorm Sandy in my life.

Last Monday, as you probably know, a Superstorm hit the East Coast of the United States. Living in Portugal, it could have been “just another storm” to me. But it wasn’t.

My sister, brother in law and my two adorable doggy-nieces live in the Northeast US, so, as soon as I heard about the storm, I went on storm-mode. What is storm mode? CNN on 24/7, NASA GOES project website on 24/7 (so I could track it at all times) and all my phone and mobiles devices with notifications turned on. You have to put yourself on my shoes. I’m a bit of a control freak. It’s not that listening to all the news would help, but I needed to know what was happening so I could do something if it was needed.

On Monday, I posted this on my Facebook page:

As I turn my TV on this morning, the CNN news starts:
“Hurricane that could turn to the storm of a lifetime is barreling towards the Northeastern United States. Forecasters expect it to merge with a Winter storm system to produce a Superstorm that could unleash severe flooding and record snowfall. Power could be out for days over wide areas. New York could be facing a wall of water up to 3 meters high.”

Then, a few minutes later: “US Forecasters say Sandy is getting stronger as it approaches the East Coast. And they are talking about how the storm can get even more intense.”

While all this was happening, the breaking news on the bottom of the screen were saying:
“Sate of emergency declared for NY, Mass, NJ, MD, DC, Penn, Conn.”
“Public transportation shutting down in Washington, New York, Philadelphia”
“Storm could last several days in Northeast, cause prolonged power outages”.

So, I’m thinking that my sister and brother in law aren’t that worried about Hurricane Sandy. If they’re not that worried, why should I, right? hmmm… don’t think so. I’m worried. Will stop worrying when they say “Sandy just got downgraded”.

My sister and brother in law were convinced – and they were right – that when the storm would be closer to them, the effects wouldn’t be as bad as they were in NY or NJ. But still, the photos were quite scary. The photo that compared the Irene from last year to Sandy… wow. Unimaginable!


Thankfully, my family was fine and had just rain and wind. But a lot of families were affected, so many lives were lost… And there are still a lot of stories that are coming to surface – and will continue to appear – a lot of them negative, like that family that lost two boys because they were refused help; others infuriating, like that girl that got killed by a tree while jogging; but also, a lot of them positive.

Right now there are some states that are still in emergency mode. People that are living in shelters and have probably lost everything. Millions without electricity, or gas, and in the middle of a low-temperature weather. The no-electricity situation sparked one of the most chilling photo (in such a good way) that I’ve seen in some time:


And this is happening in a lot of places around the states affected. Brought me to tears when I first saw it.

But it’s not the only good example. Restaurants are working just to serve food to the emergency and rescue workers and it’s amazing. And I could go on.

Obviously, where the good side of people show, often the bad side comes to surface too and there has been a lot of reports of stealing and people trying to take advantage of others, but I choose to focus on the good.

This is how I lived most of my week. With CNN on and hoping that Sandy would be kind to my country-at-heart. It was bad, but could have been so much worse. My thoughts are with everyone that was affected in any way.

And I’m so relieved and thankful that my family is fine. =) It’s hard to be so far away when things like this happen, even if I couldn’t do anything to avoid the storm.

Have a nice Thursday.

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