The Finder

There’s a new Tv Show on my watch list. It’s called “The Finder” and it airs on Fox on Thursdays (it was just announced that it will be bumped to Fridays from April 6).

The characters were introduced in the 19th episode of season 6 of Bones (called “The Finder”, very appropriately) and it was introduced as a full spin-off as Bones went on a hiatus, on January 12. It’s now on episode 7 and I’ve been loving each and every one. It’s funny, smart and interesting. You know he’ll find what he’s looking for – I mean, it’s called “The Finder” – but it’s not always done in the most obvious and expected way.


I also love how they used some characters from Bones on some of the episodes. On episode 2, Dr. Lance Sweets had to perform a psychological evaluation on Walter. On episode 6, Dr. Jack Hodgins helped on a case that could lead to proving the extraterrestrial life is real.

I’m actually hoping they’re gonna keep up with this show – and not only use it while Bones is on hiatus – and that Booth and Brennan will guest star also. =) *fingers crossed*

So, have fun! Are there any new shows I should check? Please leave a comment if so. =)

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