Strange post name, right? Right. So, what’s this all about, you may ask? It’s the name of a YouTube channel that I follow and I find pretty amusing and of which I want to talk about today.

This channels belongs to Chelsea and she’s the funniest girl! She always makes me laugh and I love the fact that the way she writes is just like the way she talks. I first met Chelsea through her sister’s Twitter (xsparkage’s Leeasha is her sister) and I don’t remember why but I followed her Twitter right then. Don’t remember but probably was that “sister of a celebrity” kinda thing (yes, xsparkage is like a celebrity 🙂 ). And when I started reading her tweets and found out about her YouTube channel, I thought it was the funniest! =) And a few weeks ago, Chelsea started a blog, which is now added to my favorites.

I highly recommend you to go check her Twitter, Blog, YouTube Channel or Pinterest, specially if you’re needing a good laugh. Just click the image below and you’ll get there in a second. She’s honest and she actually gives good advice. =)





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