Super Bowl XLVII =)


Yesterday I slept at 4am. Why? It was Super Bowl night, that’s why.

I wanted the 49ers to win, just because the Ravens kicked the Patriots behinds a few weeks ago. And no, you can’t do that to my favorite team and win the Super Bowl! =) Well, I guess you can, after all.

Super Bowl night at my house means watching ESPN America at least one hour before the kick off. I want to see the teams, I want to hear everything they want to sing before the Star-Spangled Banner. I always gets the chills, always.

And yesterday, wow. The choir from Sandy Hook, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys? Great job! Master chills.


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Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

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And then the game bagan. With the Ravens kicking the 49ers up until the blackout on the 3rd quarter. But I’ll get to that.

The Ravens were clearly playing better than the 49ers. And it was clear to me, a person with little knowledge of american football, compared to most Americans. We saw some very good plays. That 56-yard Jacoby Jones was something pretty cool to see. But the 49ers were looking kind of disconnected at halftime.

Halftime. Beyoncé. Destiny’s Child reunion – the worst kept secret in the biz. Well, not a lot to say here, Beyoncé rules and always delivers an amazing show! Liked it better than Madonna’s halftime. =)

NFL: Super Bowl XLVII-Halftime Show


And then, the 3rd quarter started. Holy cow, that 109 yard touchdown! WTH?? Wow. Jacoby Jones. Again. A lot of post-season records were broken yesterday, and I think it’s really awesome to watch it.

Then, the power outage. =) Gave me time to prepare and go watch the rest in bed. Thank you, Lord of The Lights.

But seriously, 56 yard and 109 yard plays aside, the game started after the blackout. The 49ers woke up and fought. Really fought. But the final score was 34-31 and we lost. Not cool, but I enjoyed watching this game. Specially now that I’m understanding even more of it. =)

In the battle of the Harbaugh brothers, the big brother won. Congratulations Ravens!
Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh

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