Typically in my family, Sundays are family days. As kids and teens, we knew this was the day we couldn’t have anything else planned. And it wasn’t a problem. =) When we were little, we would go visit some places around our town, have picnics and things like that. As we grew older, we started doing other things, like staying at home and watch a movie together.

Since I went to Lisbon to college, in 2002, that became harder and harder to accomplish, but I now believe that it only made more special those Sundays that we actually could all be together.


Today is Sunday. =) We had breakfast together, stayed at home, did some chores and prepared for the afternoon tasks that we had planned. We saw the wildlife TV show before the lunchtime news, as we did for so many years, and then we had lunch, most of the time commenting the news. Yes, we are all very opinionated.

After lunch, I wanted to bake Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, so we made a list and went to the grocery store. We made the cupcakes – me and my mom – watched a TV show and then had dinner.

Why am I writing with this detail about something that seems so dull? Because we all need to be more aware of these moments. They’re scarce. At least for me, living 300km (186miles) apart from my parents, and 5310km (3300miles) away from my sister and brother in law.

I think it’s easier for me to feel this way because I live alone and I’m not with my family on a daily basis.

Tomorrow my post will be about the Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes.
Right now, I’m sorry, can’t write any longer, I’m gonna paint my mother’s nails. =)

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