{Recipe} Summer Pasta Salad (with apple, tuna and shrimp!)

Hi everyone!

Last week I made this huge amount of salad. But it wasn’t just a regular lettuce-tomato salad. It was the combination of some of my favorite ingredients. =) It tasted perfect – at least for us – and I’ll be doing it again for sure. It’s actually pretty good to take to a potluck, and I’ll keep that in mind for future events 😉

I’m calling it Summer Pasta Salad, just because naming all the ingredients on its’ name would be awful. =) You’ll see.


So, these are the ingredients (for nutritional info, click the magic button on top of the post):

– 7 oz (200g) of white tuna, drained and flaked – We only use water-preserved tuna here at my house, and I do recommend it, but you can use your favorite kind;

– 1.5lbs (680g) of cooked fusilli pasta;

– 10.5 oz (300g) of red bell pepper, roughly diced – You can use your favorite kind of bell pepper, we love the red one here;

– 5 oz (140g) of cooked small shrimp – I just cooked it with a pinch of salt and black pepper;

– 10 oz (280g) of corn;

– 5 oz (140g) of feta cheese, diced;

– 8 oz (225g) of golden delicious apple, roughly sliced and sprinkled with a few drops of lemon juice.


Also, this is how I slice my apples: I use a slicer/corer and then cut medium-to-thin slices. The lemon drops will help prevent oxidation and will also give a great flavor.


After having all the ingredients ready, all you really need to do is mix them all together in a very large bowl. Serve chilled and you can use your favorite dressing – I only used a tiny bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cayenne pepper. I like all these flavors combined and I’m sure you will too! =)


Have a great week and enjoy the rest of your Summer! =)

I’ll be sharing this recipe in some of these blogs. Go check them out! =)

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