Starbucks’ Reused Shipping Containers Store

A few days ago I saw online that Starbucks opened a store in Seattle made from reused shipping containers.

More specifically: “Four used shipping containers make up Starbucks’ new location in Tukwila, on East Marginal Way South on the southwest side of Boeing Field. The site, a drive-through and walk-up-only shop, opens Tuesday. It measures 448 square feet, with just enough room for three baristas.”

I think this is so cool! Not only they say they’re eco-friendly, but they’re actually showing it to the world right now. And I gotta say, I love Starbucks. I love their coffee, their shops, and I love spending some time reading or just talking to friends. A few years ago, the first Starbucks opened in Portugal. Now we have 4 or 5 but still, right now is so expensive, that I don’t get to go there that often. But I think that maybe trying out these reused shipping containers to make more stores, will eventually contribute to Starbucks lowering their prices. I think. At least that’s logic. Spend less with stores, lower prices. But that’s just me.

Check out some pics of the store below (all from the same website, Looks really cool. I hope I had one of these close to me. =) Or at least in my country.







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