Spinach and Broccoli Quiche

Today I was craving some kind of a quiche. But I had nothing at home that I needed to do it. Was that gonna stop me from eating such a thing? Of course not eheh

So, that start with, I made a batch of homemade pie crust. I have a Masterchef Kitchen Robot from Moulinex and they come with a little recipe booklet and the recipe I always make is one of those. It needs (for 350g of dough):
– 200g plain flour
– 100g softened butter
– 50ml cold water
– a pinch of salt

I always cut a bit of the butter, I probably put just 85g. All the ingredients are placed in the robot bowl, mixed for about a minute and a half and then is left to rest for about 1 hour before going in the oven.

With the crust in the oven, I took two simply baked potatoes I had in the fridge, a small can of pink beans (feijão manteiga in portuguese), about 50ml of milk, about 100g of frozen spinach, and probably something else I don’t remember. That’s normal for me. I do these things, don’t write them in the moment, and right after I always seem to have forgotten at least one thing.

I took some raw broccoli and cut in small pieces and put them in the baked pie crust. Next I poured in the mix and topped with some bacon bits. It then baked for about 25 minutes in the oven and voilá.


There’s my broccoli, spinach, bean and bacon pie. =) No cream, no fat, nothing that a normal pie needs to have to be named that. But it worked. Was really good. =) I highly recommend you to try different things. If you don’t have the exact ingredients, try some other ones that have similar textures.

Have fun!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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