Spice Rack

Today I want to show you my spice rack. I have a lot of different spices but I find myself using some of them a lot more than others. Some I have to replace every 2-3 months, others I’ve had for almost a year or over than a year.

My go-to spices are:
– cayenne pepper (use it on virtually everything)
– black pepper (mostly on steaks)
– paprika (love to use it, use it a lot)
– curry (love to make everything curry, and even use a bit on sandwiches)
– cinnamon (used on everything sweet, specially everything with apples)
– ground garlic (love to use it on bruschettas)
– Mrs. Dash – Original and Table blends are my favorite

From time to time I cook without any kind of spice. Almost as a palate cleanser. But I admit it, I look to mix and match and try different types of spices with different types of food. =)

What are your go-to spices?


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