Smoothies, healthy meals and all that jazz =)

I’ve been having a lot of smoothies lately. It all started after watching Benji and Judy and now I’m sold! I have one pretty much everyday and I’m feeling great!

So far I’ve been using the same “base”: spinach, mango, ice, milk; and then add different things every time. My favorite so far is with banana and gala apples. Yummy!

Below you have some photos of different ones. The red juice there is basically a concoction of watermelon, gala apple and lemon. It was really good and refreshing. The last one is an example of a good balanced and healthy meal I had on Saturday. A big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a pea and corn omelet (omelet made with 1 whole egg + 1 yolk).

I know they all look similar and green, but really, I was a skeptic in what comes to using green veggies on the smoothie. You really can’t tell! And it’s a really good way to add more veggie servings to your day! =)

For more ideas of smoothies, you can check these two channels: BenjiManTV and Liferegenerator.

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