Skyfall Movie Review

We finally saw the latest James Bond movie! Check out the trailer below.

skyfall poster

Actually, I have a confession to make. I didn’t see the previous Bond movie – Quantum of Solace. I don’t know why, but at some given point of my life, I went from loving the series to just knowing that it would be more of the same and not having interest to even watch it. Let’s call it growing up.

I enjoyed the movie. It had great action scenes, with the expected love drama in the middle, but it had something really unexpected to me. A death. Well, an important character death. That shocked me. It may be the necessary twist to get me back on track to loving Bond movies. Also, the usual Bond girls didn’t have as much screen time as they usually had. And that’s a good thing. More time for the actual story, right?

I fell asleep somewhere in the middle, but my boyfriend told me I only missed about 5 minutes of not-so-great action. The last 45minutes were the best from my point of view.

The best (and sometimes really funny) performance was by Javier Bardem. He made a really nice villain. And I also enjoyed the addition of Ralph Fiennes to the cast and the new Q (portrayed by Ben Whishaw, who I had never heard of before but did a great job). The ending scenes are great. And I won’t tell you anything else or I will ruin it if you haven’t seen it.

There were parts that made me laugh because they were so far-fetched or Bond clichés. But I guess that’s part of the 007 magic right? Action, women, “Bond, James Bond”, “shaken, not stirred”, almost killed by a villain, villain gets killed by Bond. Overall, I think Sam Mendes and his team did a great job. He may have convinced me to watch the next movie.

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