September starts with a tidbits post.


Today I don’t have just one topic. Several things happened and I want to share them. Let’s start with two things from yesterday evening. First, most of the afternoon we had a fire close to the house, and it just filled the air with smoke… We’ve been having a lot of fires this Summer…not a lot of people getting arrested though… 🙁 I took a photo of what I could see from the bedroom window.

Then, for dinner, I made a pizza with spinach and the leftovers from lunch – with added mozzarella slices =) It was really really good. I don’t know why but lately the pizza dough turns out different every time, even though I make it exactly the same way… but last night’s was perfect. Just as Pizza Hut’s Pan pizza, without all the oil. =) Just as we like it! =) Below there’s the before and after!



Now, the events of today. Today I had my mom and grandma here with us for some hours because they came for a funeral.One of my cousins died on Thursday and they drove to Lisbon today to be at the funeral and be with the rest of the family. Even though it was a cousin that I hadn’t seen in a while, it always sucks… it’s family.

They were here for a few hours and actually got me some things, and these are the two things I want to tell you today. First, my mom got a great deal at a local fair last week and got me a Yankee Candle! =) I have to have my Yankee Candles =) For those of you that don’t know, this is a US brand that is quite rare in Europe. And I love the scents… Thank you mom!

The second one is a traditional liqueur. I adore this strawberry liqueur and I ran out of it a few months ago. =) My parents got me a new bottle! And a big one! =) It will last for quite a while, as you’re not supposed to have a lot each time you drink it. The company that makes these is called Regionalarte and if you’re ever in the Algarve, you should check them out.


And this is it. Today it was just of those days that seem to go by really fast and really slow at the same time. Don’t know if you know what I’m talking about but can’t explain it otherwise.

Tomorrow I’ll probably write a movie review for “Limitless”. Can’t believe it’s already September. Wow. Sure hope it’s a good month.

Have a great night everyone!

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