Season Finales Part V: Cougar Town, Revenge, The Middle, Modern Family & Veep

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So, Cougar Town. They had a rough beginning of the season, starting only in February. There was a lot of talk about the show being cancelled even before the start of the season, and they got a lot of talk about not getting a new season. It seems they were rescued by TBS, but… honestly… I adore the cast, but I believe the ship has sailed.

It’s a funny show, don’t get me wrong, but it’s starting to seem a bit pushy… I loved that Laurie started baking cool cakes, and I enjoyed watching the weeding, but I really think the season finale would have been a really good series finale. Just saying.

Still, i’m gonna watch the next season, just to be sure. =)


To me, this was one of the breakthrough show of the season. The cast was perfectly put together and the storyline is really amazing. I love all the twists and turns of every episode and I was amazed at the finale.

The whole episode was surprising. And seriously, I don’t know how they’ll keep the quality of the plot so high, but I’m hoping they do.

I would’ve made some changes, though. I really don’t like the Amanda. And to see her come back on the finale… I would’ve made her come back with a phone call to Jack saying goodbye or something like that. But no. Of course the writers couldn’t make Emily’s life that easy. =) Nice.

I’m really looking forward for next season. =)


I’ve been watching this show since the first season, and even though it’s one of those softer comedies, I love it! I love the characters and how they all have such different personalities but still go so well together.

Frankie as the non-motivated super mom, Mike as the peace and love no-feelings dad, Axl as the thinks-he’s-popular jock, Sue as the eternal looser and Brick as the genius Aspergers-y boy. Really, great job! =)

The season finale was really great. They had a lot of cool moments, but to me, the best was Mike’s speech in the end. That’s the epitome of a family. Really is. And I loved the way they wrote that in the story, specially because the speech was made by the least sentimental person. It’s not expected and I enjoyed it. =)

I think the next season is the last, but still, I’m gonna watch until the end.


OMG. If you know me, you know I LOVE this show. I’ve probably watched every episode 4 or 5 times. And when I saw the season finale’s title was “Baby on Board”, I really didn’t think it was Mitch and Cameron’s new baby.

Actually, I was wrong with every scenario I thought about. I thought about Claire being pregnant (which would bring a fun twist to the whole family scheme), Haley being pregnant, even Alex being pregnant… but didn’t think about what actually turned out to be the right one. And I gotta say, I love it!! I’m so excited for next season! I’m sure it will be amazing!

I can see a lot more awards coming for this show and the cast. Seriously. And I truly hope this show gets renewed for a lot more years to come. =)

If you haven’t seen it yet, DO, you’ll love it!


I didn’t know this would be a 8-episode show when I first started watching it. When the season finale aired, I couldn’t believe it! No, I want more episodes! And don’t want to wait for so long!

This is a really clever humorous take on politics and the Vice President of the United States. Even if Selena is a made-up character.

Even though it’s a comedy series, they still show how a lot of things work in Washington. The saying “Many a true word spoken in jest” completely applies to this show. And I love it.

Hope there’s a lot more to come. Season 2 already in the works. Woohoo! =) (Hope they get more episodes per season. 8 is just not enough)

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