Season Finales Part III: Private Practice, Suburgatory & Grey’s Anatomy

Here’s part III of my thoughts on the season finales of the past few days.


Private Practice this year didn’t have such an emotional and cliffhanger type of finale. At least for me.

Yes, it dealt with the Amelia’s baby situation, but the “cliffhanger” of the episode – as is commented on various websites – is just a love triangle. And that, to me, is not that big of a deal, specially because it involves Addison. Addison’s love life is always like this, so, nothing new here.

But, the birth situation… Wow. If you hadn’t realized yet, it proved that Caterina Scorsone is an amazing actress. She’s actually pregnant with her first child so, it’s amazing that she went through something like this on screen, while carrying her first baby. And all the emotional charge of the scenes… It made me cry. Because that really is an unthinkable situation.

I also loved that Mason-Charlotte moment almost in the end. =) So sweet!
Overall, it was a pretty good finale, even though it kind of ended in a soft way.

To check all the episodes and info on this show, go to their website.


This is a pretty funny show. The way they satirize the suburbs is done in a very clever way. Cheryl Hines clearly stands out – to me – but the rest of the cast is pretty funny also.

The finale had the amount of plot twists necessary. But I don’t think it ended quite well. I was hoping to see Tessa’s mother, as it was Mother’s Day in Chatswin, but I guess they’re leaving the whole drama for season 2.

This show was renewed for another season and you can catch all the info here.



I don’t know if I’m angry or if I’m just incredulous that I just watched this season finale. Granted, Shonda Rhimes has gotten us used to blood and lots of drama in the finales but… seriously?? Seriously??

We’re left with one major character dead, one fired (so, killed off the show for following seasons) and two other major characters in pretty bad shape. Wow.

It’s a really good episode, but I don’t agree with who was killed off. I’ve read that it had something to do with contracts and such but still… not cool.

I’m gonna watch the first episode next season and then I’ll decide if I keep on watching, because Shonda said in an interview yesterday that we shouldn’t take for granted that all the other main characters survive. Not cool, Shonda. Not cool.

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