Season Finales Part II: Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men & Bones

Here’s part II of my season and series finales reviews. Well, thoughts. =P Not full-on reviews. But I’m gonna try and not spoil it for everyone. That’s a huge pet-peeve for me so, I won’t do it.


This was the last season for Desperate Housewives. Can’t believe it had 8 seasons! Mainly because that means I’ve been watching it for 8 years and that’s just… amazing.

Overall I think the series finale was a good way to say goodbye to the ladies and their dramas. I liked that a couple of episodes before Mike was shot and I specially loved the plot twist in the second part of the finale (Mrs. McCluskey in court). That was brilliant. And heartbreaking. Really, I was crying my eyes out.

And then, the wedding part of the show… Funny, dramatic, sad, all of that is a series of intricate images from different settings at the same time. Brilliant. The catching up on what they’re doing right now, after some years… nicely done.

And last, but not least, the last minute, when we find that the new families on Wisteria Lane are just as messed up as these families were. That was a nice touch. Leaving Wisteria Lane as a living and real neighborhood. =)

Even though it’s sad to see series finales, I think this was a really good time to end it. It wasn’t long overdue, but I think it was just the right timing.

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I’ve talked about this finale with my sister and some friends and, gotta say, I’ve heard different opinions about it. But I LOVED it! It had the plot twists we’re used to on HIMYM season finales, but mainly, it had the birthing of Lily and Marshall’s baby – by the way, he has the COOLEST name ever, you’ll see – and the revealing of Barney’s bride.

As usual the finale had two parts, the first was the baby part, the second was the wedding part. I can’t choose a favorite part because they were so different but I think they were perfectly coordinated.

One of my favorite moments was when Barney proposed. It was so sweet and cute! But the my absolute favorite moment was in the last minute, and you have to watch it to know why. =) I won’t teeeeell, I won’t teeeell!

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Two and a Half Men was renewed for another season. My question is: why? Even when Charlie Sheen was still in the picture and I believe around season 6/7, it started being a bit dull. I realized that when I watched an episode and found myself looking away from the screen and going on facebook or twitter.

When Ashton Kutcher joined the show, the first 5 episodes or so were actually pretty funny. But they’re trying to milk a story that’s far long dry. And the good looks of Ashton aren’t enough in my opinion.

Still, I watched all season and, even though I liked the way they parted ways with Angus T. Jones (plays Jake) – it was actually pretty cute and a bit sad), I was surprised that Walden’s girlfriend, that played such a big part of the last episodes, wasn’t in it. Not for one shot. And that’s odd. Why wouldn’t you put her in the finale? Oh well.

I don’t think I’ll be watching the next season. Maybe the first or second episodes but probably that’s it. It’s becoming a bit of waste of time and my time is valuable 😉

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It’s no news that Bones is one of my favorite shows. This season, due to Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, it only had 13 episodes. But it’s already confirmed a full 24 episode for next season, so, it’s all good. =)

I loved this season. Watching them juggle the job, the pregnancy, the relationship and then, the baby, was really fun. Hart Hanson showed, once again, that’s he’s the man =)

The season finale was so amazingly written that it’s scary. The twists and turns of the Pelant case were written in such an intelligent way that it seems really possible, and anything like that has to be deemed scary.

Even though really surprising in so many ways, the finale was, overall, very sweet and showed the family and friend ties that unite these characters. I loved it and I think that even shorter, this was one of the best seasons yet. Can’t wait for season 8. 😉

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