Rizzoli & Isles

I have to talk about one of my favorite shows right now. When I first about this show in Portugal, about a year ago, the way they were advertising it kinda bummed me out. It looked like just another cop show, but with women. Yes, the ads weren’t that great.

I did not follow them from the start but then, one Sunday afternoon, at my parents’ house, my mom was browsing the channels and one episode of R&I was starting. It turned out to be the Boston Marathon one. You have to understand, I had been to Boston just a few months before that and seriously. Rizzoli and Isles is all about Boston. =)


Immediately I googled everything about this show. Found out that the channel was restarting the whole series just a few days later and I put them on my record list on my DVR. I went through the 10 episodes of season 1 in two or three days. They were my treadmill buddies =)

I love the way Jane is tough but still shows vulnerability. I absolutely adore Maura and her quirks. Both actresses and the rest of the cast – Jordan Bridges, Lee Thompson Young, Bruce McGill and Lorraine Bracco – were beautifully chosen and work together perfectly. Kudos to the casting crew. You nailed it.

The episodes are really well built and the story behind the main characters is great. When I was watching the last episodes of season 2, specially the last two… I was on my treadmill and found myself screaming at the TV. Why Jane, why? Why would you do that to Maura??

I’m so excited for season 3, and I have to say, even if you have no soft spot for Boston – or Massachusetts – as I do, you have to watch this show. You’ll love it!

Gonna leave you with the show’s opening theme. It makes me feel happy just for listening to it. Geeky, I know. =)

UPDATE: Just found out the premiere for season 3 is on my birthday! June 5! =D

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