Rituals Tea: Rose Wisdom – Ginger & Rose. New. Favorite. Tea.


We’ve become big fans of tea at my house. For the past few years we have tried a lot of different ones and today I want to share the new favorite. =)

It won’t make sense or be that useful for everyone, because it’s an European brand and as far as I can see they don’t sell their products outside Europe, but still. You’ll get the idea of the flavor at least.

Rituals is mostly a cosmetics brand. They have a lot of lines, body, makeup, bath, and so on – you can check their website here – and I found out just recently that they also have a Tea line. I tasted a sample at the store and absolutely adored the flavor.

The current favorite is this Rose Wisdom. It’s a soothing herbal melange, so they say, and it’s a mix of rose and ginger. You definitely taste the rosy flavor and the ginger kicks in at the end of the tea. They come in these beautiful boxes with 20 pyramid-shaped tea bags (they’re also sold in 50 servings tins). And, comparing to the teas sold in the supermarket, the price is quite affordable.

The names of the teas are really cute and resemble the zen feeling of all the Rituals products. They are:
– Rose Wisdom
– Jasmine Delight
– Cape Delight
– Earl’s Secret
– Hammam Mint
– Emperor’s Dream
– Sweet Gingko

Check their website for more info on these and go to a store to have a sample tasting.

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