REX Robotic Legs, a great start to so many accomplishments.



I saw this news article shared on Twitter about some Robotic Legs, and the person who shared was hoping this could eventually help a lot of people in the future.

They’re called REX Robotic Legs and the website wrote the article. Amazingly, this was written in 2010. I’m so excited to find out more things about the current situation of these robotic legs.

I’m not going to post the whole article here, you just need to click above on the link to go to the original location, but the most important facts told about the legs are:

“The robotic legs successfully developed to help users to get up and walk again with both feet. Even able to go up and down the stairs.”

“Robot leg from New Zealand was named Rex. The robot, will be attached to the side legs to support the user’s body. From her appearance, “robot legs” is similar to the legs of Robocop.”

“Robot with a weight 84 pounds (about 38 kilograms) was developed by Rex Bionics company based in Auckland. Rex is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Richard Little and Robert Irving – co-founders of Rex Bionics. Robert’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis seven years ago was the catalyst for these men to put their engineering skills to use to develop a practical, standing and walking alternative to wheelchairs.”

“The founders are quick to point out that Rex is not a replacement for a wheelchair, but a complement that offers a range of options not currently available anywhere else in the world. It is potentially suitable for manual wheelchair users who can self-transfer and operate hand controls.”

“Robot with two hours of endurance of this batteries have several limitations for those who would use it. The user must have height of about 4-6 feet (about 120-180 centimeters), weight less than 220 pounds (less than 100 kilograms) and have a waist circumference of less than 14.9 inches (37.85 centimeters).”

This is a really amazing and I hope eventually this kind of technology will help not only people stranded in wheelchairs later in life due to accidents and sickness, but also children with disabilities. I can imagine some of the kids I’ve worked with, kids that never walked and won’t probably walk in any other way, using this kind of technology. This opens so many possibilities!

If you want to learn more about this product and the company that came up with it, just click on the banner on top of the post. Watch below a quick video of a REX user. =)

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