Review: Video editing with iMovie.

So, as you may know, I’ve been having some troubles with Windows Movie Maker, the software I’ve been using for years to edit videos. Two weeks ago it stopped working. Can’t fix it, so I looked for alternatives.

The best one – and the one I wanted – was the iMovie. For those of you that don’t know, this is the equivalent to the Movie Maker on Windows, but better. Unfortunately, to have that, I would have to have a Mac. And I’m not there yet. Yet.

Without the iMovie, I found out about Adobe Premiere Pro and signed up for a trial of the Adobe Creative Clould. This was the software I used for my last video – Lemon Curd Recipe. I liked it and I plan on doing a review of the whole Creative Cloud idea, but two days ago I was browsing the Apple Store on my iPad and found out that they have an app for iMovie (click the logo below to go to their webpage)!


Oh, the expectation! And hope! =)

Downloaded it – cost 3.99€ ($4.99) – and quickly found out it needs a camera connection kit so you can use videos and photos other than the ones already on the iPad. Bummed. Went online, bought it on eBay and it arrived today! Yay!


Now with the connection kit – by the way, I found it and bought for 1/10 of the price of the original Apple one and it works perfectly – I really wanted to try the application!

So, with two videos in need of editing, I thought to myself “what better way to test it than do one completely on the iPad? From scratch to uploading?”.

And that’s what I did.

To make this an easier review, I’ll make a list of pros and cons.

– Easy to add photos, videos and music.

– Easy to crop videos and adjust the time of each photo.

– Comes with audio effect and songs, which makes it easier to add background music to your videos.

– Easy to adjust the sound of the video clips.

– Automatically saves your project.

– Easy to save the project and lets you upload to several social media websites directly from your device.

– Comes with some themes that makes it easier to put the video together.

– Lets you save the video in several formats and qualities. I chose the 1080p. The recommended by default is 540p, but it varies from 360p to 1080p.

– If you’re using iMovie on your Mac, you can upload it to iTunes and finish it on your mobile device, and vice-versa.

– You really need to browse the help section to understand the basics. At least I needed. And I’m used to these editing softwares.

– To delete or move an item, you need to drag and drop. It hard to select a photo, and most of the times it won’t work. Lost my mind doing it.

– Really limited in what comes to titles. You get one main title, middle title and end title. All have the same font and you can’t change it. Nor the colors.

– You can’t change the animations or video effect. You only get what the theme you chose gives you.

– Takes a long time to fully upload and make available to watch on YouTube.


Using this app you can also make movie trailers, and you have a bunch of themes to choose from, but I wasn’t interested in that so I didn’t even try it. It took me about 30 minutes to put together a 3min53secs video. Not that bad for a first timer on this app, I think. It took about 35 minutes to upload to YouTube. Not that pleased with this part. Also, while it was uploading, I was too afraid to use any other app from my iPad, so I don’t know if it works in the background. Probably won’t ever try it. =) After that, it took about 15 more minutes processing on the YouTube website. So, not pleased with all the time it takes to upload the video.

After all this, I finally saw the video on YouTube. It seems that you need to be careful with the audio levels so they won’t be distorted. So…. back to editing. I leveled all the audio to about half of the range (as you can see on the photo, it has a small mark of where it shouldn’t surpass. I totally ignored that the first time around. You shouldn’t.) and then re-did all the uploading process.

I think the final result was pretty good. Even though the app is really limited, it does help you when you need to make a quick video. If you don’t usually work with editing softwares, you’ll probably think this is awesome. I would prefer it to have a lot more options. But, overall, I say its okay. Not amazing, but good enough. =)

This application is also available to install on iPhone and iPod (the versions with front cameras) but I think you would need to be a bit crazy to edit a video in such a small screen.


Don’t know if I’ll keep on using it to make my videos, but… Well, I’ll let you know which software I’m using to edit from now on. Hope you found this review helpful. =)

Check the final video on my YouTube channel by clicking on the photo below. The video is called “Carrot Cream Soup – the healthy version” and it’s one of my favorite and best soups. =) Hope you like it, subscribe to the channel and share with your friends!



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