Review: Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lipgloss – Timeless Allure and Endless Night =)


Yesterday I bought this Rimmel London Lipgloss special pack. It comes with 2 shades of their Stay Glossy line. The shades I got are Timeless Allure (that bourdeaux shade) and Endless Night (nude shade).

I bought it for 8€ (about $10.50) which was a good deal, I think.

On their website, Rimmel describes this line as “Stay Glossy’s cutting-edge Shine Extend™ technology will give you runway lips and up to 6 hours of wow-worthy colour. Double the moisture instantly with Silk & Natural Cotton. Shape Up your lips with SOFT-EXTEND lip hugging applicator. Perfectly defined glossy lips. GET A GLOSSY UPGRADE!!”. I usually don’t like to use lipgloss because the ones I’ve tried so far are quite sticky and I hate when my hair gets caught up in that mess. So, I was really curious to see how these turned out to be.


They have the best applicator I’ve seen. It’s shaped in a very nice way that really makes it easier to put the lipgloss on.


I used both for over 6 hours each and, I have to say, I’m impressed! They’re not sticky AT ALL and they really last for at least the 6 hours the company states. The darker shade lost a bit of the power but mostly stayed the same. Granted, I was careful and drank through a straw, but I also ate a snack and it was fine. Obviously, if you kiss someone you’ll loose the gloss, but let’s face it, it’s a gloss, not a lipstick.

The colors are really pretty and even tough I’m not used to darker colors, the Timeless Allure shade is workable. The nude shade, Endless Night, is my new favorite shade in the world right now. I love it! It gives that pretty glossy color that’s just a tone or two darker than my natural shade, so it’s perfect for me!

I didn’t take any pics of my lips with it because we’ve been having some serious grey weather and the photos turned out quite awful. Sorry for that. But I’m using both for sure in makeup in the next few weeks so, I’ll keep you posted on it!


So, I hope you liked this review. Let me know if you’ve used any of the other shades of this line and if you like them.

Also, right now, Judy (@itsjudytime) and Benji (@BenjiManTV) are in the hospital in labor! Julianna will be here today or tomorrow and I wish them both the best!


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