{Review} Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman: Starter Set and Expert Face Brush

Last Christmas I got from my sister and brother in law, the Starter Set from Real Techniques. I hadn’t heard of it, and at the time there wasn’t the hype that is happening right now online about these brushes. They were known, but weren’t yet loved. I browsed a bit online and everyone was raving about the Expert Face Brush, so I ordered it {even before really trying out the others from the set}. When it arrived, I immediately tried it and since then, my foundation routine has changed.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s take a look at them.

This is the Starter Set.


This set comes with 5 brushes and a 2-in-1 case/stand. Let’s take a closer look at the brushes.


Deluxe Crease Brush

“Soft, oversized design for effortless contouring” – it’s slightly big for my crease, but still works

Base Shadow Brush

“Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color” – again, slightly big but still works, but I prefer to use it as a blending brush

Accent Brush

“Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging” – I love this one and use it mainly for my lower lash line

Pixel-point Eyeliner Brush

“Tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application” – I don’t use liquid eyeliner but I love using this with eyeshadow as an eyeliner

Brow Brush

“Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows” – this one is perfect sized for my brows, love using it


Overall I’m in love with these amazingly soft brushes. I’m glad that I didn’t review them in February as it was supposed, because these are brushes that you need to learn and need to get to know. Don’t get me wrong, these are amazing quality brushes {and they’re really pretty, right?} but you may need some time to adjust to them. They may seem way too big to use like they’re supposed to, but I do advise checking out the tutorials on the Real Techniques website – they really help. But even then, if you continue thinking they’re too big, just be creative and use them for different purposes.

Actually, for about the last two months, I’ve been a bit lazy with my makeup brushes and I’ve only been using 4 brushes total: deluxe crease, base shadow, accent and expert face brushes. Seriously. Oh, and my EcoTools retractable kabuki for the powder. You can apply an entire face of makeup with only these 5 brushes. And you’ll look effortlessly good! =)

The case on this set is not as useful to me as it could be to someone else but, I keep my brushes on my vanity inside a Yankee Candle Jar, I don’t need a stand for the brushes. But the idea is cool. =) Oh, and I have a brush sleeve for when I’m travelling.


Like I’ve already said, I bought the Expert Face Brush a few days after Christmas.


This brush is described as: “ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation to look pixel perfect even in harsh light; made with ultra plush taklon bristles”.

A little bit of context for you to understand why this brush is so important for me. Even made my May Favorites List. I only started using foundation on a regular basis about one year ago. Before that I would use it only on special occasions. On June 2012 I discovered Beauty Broadcast and my views on makeup changed. Still, I was putting my foundation the way I had always done and the way it was most confortable for me: with my fingers. In January, when this brush arrived at my home… everything changed. I now know how my foundation is supposed to look like. It really helps you apply your foundation in a flawless way.

This brush is so soft and dense…! You’ll even need less foundation to make an even application – at least that’s what I found after starting to use it.

Overall, this is a must have. A serious must have. Oh, and this brush has a straight cut end, so it stands up on its own. =) It’s great, but – again – I have a brush holder. My only problem with it is that I didn’t discover it before.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and I hope it helped you in some way.

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