Review: Byrd’s Famous Cookies

Review: Byrd's Famous Cookies | by

Last week I volunteered on the International Conference for ISAAC. I will be writing a post on it, as I learned a lot and want to share my thoughts on those 4 days.

One of the things that happened was a silent auction. Right when the conference started, I went to the silent auction area and looked at everything. One of the items was labelled “Georgia goodie bag” (note that, at this time, it was still closed and the items weren’t visible). I had to win that!

After a somewhat hard fought auction, I won it! This was what the bag contained:

Review: Byrd's Famous Cookies | by

I couldn’t be happier! Oh, new things to try! And from the US! =) eheh

I will be writing a separate post on the Savannah Bee’s products, coming up in a few days.

Those two cute boxes are from Byrd’s Famous Cookies. I had never heard of them, but the design on the boxes – and the flavors! – won me over instantly.

Review: Byrd's Famous Cookies | by

Review: Byrd's Famous Cookies | by

Review: Byrd's Famous Cookies | by

Each box had 3oz (85g) of cookies and… I kind wish they had 30 haha

These are amazing! I never had anything of these flavors and the quality is awesome. They’re both a bit spicy and the cheddar ones had pecans! Loved the combination. Really!

And the ingredients are quite acceptable. Pretty natural and non-chemical. I was pretty pleased with that.

These were consumed pretty fast, as you can imagine. Actually, we did a pretty good job on not eating all at once. As soon as they were gone, I went to the company’s website and – my oh my… – I shouldn’t have done that!

I want to try them all!

Seriously. So bummed that, obviously, there’s no international shipping. Maybe next time I’m in the US. Maybe.

But for those of you that actually live in the US – you NEED to try these. They’re amazing! And if you’ve tried them already, please let me know which flavor is your favorite! 😉

And to the person that brought this goodie bag to the Conference – thank you! You made a portuguese girl very happy! =)

See you tomorrow!

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